Server Rules

We are all here to have fun, but everyone’s idea of fun is a little different, so some rules need to be addressed.


  1. Don’t be a Dick, unless your name is Dick then you can be Dick without acting like a Dick.
  2. No stealing from other players, this includes stealing their vehicles, from players workstations, and from player’s death bags.
  3. No Sexist, Racist, or Divisive/Political comments in game, voice chat, or in Discord chat.
  4. No destroying POI’s or loot containers, accidental damage with firearms is understood.
  5. No Griefing other players or Bullying, Name Calling, Toxic comments, and behavior, see Rule #1
  6. No Drop Mining, this includes mines and structures. Accidents happen but let’s try to avoid them. Use proper supports or mine from the top down. If clearing an area, mine only in 5×5 sections.
  7. Please be careful not to build too close to a POI as it could potentially reset your base
  8. No advertising other gaming servers, discords, or self promotions.
  9. Quests in POI’s: If a player is already looting the POI where you have a quest please be patient and allow them to finish looting before attempting to start your quest. If someone is questing in a POI that POI belongs to them until they are finished and all loot in it belongs to them as well, including the roof tops.


  1. No building in or land claiming any premade structure, if you didn’t build it don’t claim it. You can spend a night hiding in a premade structure until morning but leave no trace.
  2. No Horde Night in Donor City (aka /city)
    Side note: Do not enter or attempt by parkour to enter any players bases without permissions.
    Violation of these rules can earn you hand slaps, harsh lectures, jail time, or for serious offenses… banned from misfit’s server.

IMPORTANT: (Not rules but highly recommended)
Always use a land claim block for your base, this prevents other players from being able to damage your base. Remember, players can frame up the side of your building if you build on the edge of your land claim. Also, make sure your doors are locked and closed, use frames to secure a roof that is currently being worked on. Makes sure to check all parts of your base for areas where others could access your workstation. Be careful on who you ally, allies can destroy your built structure including storage containers and loot your base!


-Always use a land claim block for your base, this provides added protection and prevents others from building on or framing up your base.

-Be careful not to build your base to the very edges of your land claim because players can frame up the unprotected sides to enter.

-Make sure your doors are locked and closed, if you have not placed a roof yet use frames to secure your base from unwanted entry.

-Be sure to test your window openings to make sure players cannot reach your workstations from the outside of your base.

-Do check your base build for areas where a player might be able to slip inside, such as above a drawbridge, deck or window opening.

-Be careful who you ally with, allies can break into your base and storage or cause damage to your base, friendly doesn’t mean friend.

Keep in mind that although there is no stealing from other players on this server that does not mean that unscrupulous players wont attempt to steal from you. Protect your base, storage, and crafting stations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Always remember to lock your base
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