Welcome to Misfit island!

Our Dedicated 7 Days to Die Server is called Misfit Island. Here you will find an active team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating a welcoming and exciting PvE gaming environment.

The Misfit team is made up of veteran 7 Days to die players and admins who strive to assist with helping you get the most out of playing.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, our community and players aim to build a toxicity free community of helpful, kind and open minded gamers for you to interact with.

Our members and team, hailing from all over the 7 days community and its many servers, came together to form a safe and inviting space void of drama, discourtesy and toxicity and instead focus on providing a relaxing space where players can work together in a respectful space.

The island is a place where suggestions and ideas are welcome. Feel free to voice ideas in the discord suggestions thread, all suggestions will be read and taken into consideration! We want our player base to have a say in changes we make to the sever because our players are what make this server great! Introduce yourself and engage in the general chats with our active members and check out our VIP bonuses via patreon.

The island also offers in-game rewards for progression to help give you a boost with Misfit coins and in-game dukes for that shiny lvl 6 pistol you’ve been eyeing in Hugh’s inventory!

The warm and inviting atmosphere is designed to make every player feel valued and respected. If you need help at any time, please reach out. The Misfits know what its like to feel excluded and the island was created for people to feel included, no matter how casal or hardcore your playstyle and contribution may be.

On behalf of the Misfit team, thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you on the island!

Good luck survivors!

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