Why Choose Misfit Zombies for 7 Days to Die?

Player Oriented

Our community is the single most important thing to us here. We aim to provide a welcoming environment free of toxicity and negativity. We utilize a system of in game Bots along with a Discord based Ticket bot to provide players with timely support to staff members.

Dedicated Servers

Current Active Server

i9 10900k Processor
128GB Ram
1 Tb NVME Storage
1G Dedicated Internet Line

Responsive Staff

We are a group of former admins and moderators who came together to create a user friendly experience for our players. We will always be willing to help out a player with any type of issues brought to our attention.

About Us

We are a new server throwing our hat into the realm of 7 Days to Die. We are former Admin’s and Moderator’s from another large 7D2D Servers so we bring experience along with fresh ideas.

Get In Touch


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